The introduction of serially connected line segments
This approach is build on Islamic decorationart. Geometric decoration patterns can mainly be grasped as build up out of one or more sequences of linesegments, introduced within plansymmetries, whereby the mutually intersectection of these sequences results in a suprising spledor of shapes, articulated in a certain way by the method of coloring. One of the most intriguing artworks in this context is the following tile pattern in the Alhambra (figure 1a), which can be grasped as build up of a sequence of linesegments in which 7 segments are connected in a zig zag way under a corner of 135 degrees (figure 1b). The sequence of linesegments is shifted, rotated, reflected and slide-reflected according to the constraints which rule in the plane symmetry P4g

Figure 1a

Figure 1b